CRM Goals, User Adoption and System Selection


Our client, a leading offshore private client fund administration and corporate services provider, instructed us to help select an appropriate CRM system for their global business. They were using a legacy CRM platform that was being underused and, consequently, were not getting full value from it. The client need was for integration with other back office systems and the CRM users had a need for better functionality. Before choosing a new system, our client wanted us to validate their high level needs and objectives.

We ran several workshops with senior relevant stakeholders, the marketing department, operations and from business development areas with other senior stakeholders from the business. We helped them articulate high level requirements and goals to clearly define what benefits a CRM system should provide and how it should function. We introduced them to several local CRM implementation technical partners and ran a number of workshops for them to demonstrate how their customised version of the product would help meet their requirements. We assisted not only defining what the overall corporate CRM goals should be but we also helped and advised in finding the right technology partner for them.

Senior stakeholders were aligned on key requirements and goals. The client was introduced to and able to choose a new technology partner who ultimately provided them with the most economical and cost advantageous implementation of their CRM system, enabling their short- and long-term CRM goals to be met.

Key Skills Used:

Business Analysis

Workshop Felicitation

  Strategy Review

Key Business Benefits:

Requirement definition and alignment.

Corporate business development goals more clearly defined.

Ability to choose the right system and technology partner to meet requirements.