The Channel Islands' leading business change specialist

We take great pride in being the best change management business in the Channel Islands. There is no other change specialist in Jersey or Guernsey that has delivered as many engagements, as many hours and satisfied as many clients as we have.

In addition to our local expertise, BDO Greenlight is part of BDO Jersey. The BDO network of professional accounting, tax, and advisory experts operates in 154 countries, with over 64,000 people working in 1,400 offices around the world.

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BDO Greenlight is the Channel Islands’ leading business change specialist. Based in Jersey, BDO Greenlight works with our clients to analyse a business problem or opportunity, to provide capacity and capability where needed, and to help manage change in your business. 

When you are so busy working IN your business that you don't have time to work ON your business, BDO Greenlight can provide the expertise and resource to help.


Business improvement through people, process, and technology

Greenlight Project Management

Our values underpin everything we do: how we think, and the way we do business. BDO Greenlight is a deeply trusted and highly recommended consultancy. Our results speak for themselves, and our clients speak for us - just read a few of our testimonials to see what we mean. We aim to work with ambitious leaders and organisations to drive growth, improve profitability and unlock value. Our consultants are unrelenting in their desire to exceed customer expectations, and to be brilliant all the time, in everything they do.



Working with our clients and colleagues to gain a shared understanding of their challenges and deliver results collectively


Fostering a caring, encouraging, and supportive environment


Being anticipatory and leading initiatives


Being constructive, inspirational and motivational


Maintaining an independent focus on what is best for the consumer


Applying creative and original thinking by default


Blending our expertise with industry-leading methods to deliver quality every time


Channel Islands and Beyond

BDO Greenlight offers expert change consultancy services in the Channel Islands and the UK.  The majority of our consultants Iive in Jersey, where BDO Greenlight is headquartered. This ensures they have an in-depth understanding of island life, and are best placed to give island businesses the perfectly-tailored advice necessary to adapt and develop. It also means our consultants are here, ready to step in or step up should you require extra assistance on a project or programme.


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Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on employing outstanding individuals with proven track records in delivering business transformation, change, and projects. The BDO Greenlight team are the foremost change management experts in the Channel Islands. With qualifications in PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, Lean Six Sigma, MSP®, P30® and APMG® Change Management, we have the knowledge and experience that enables us to provide tangible value to our customers.


Greenlight has proved itself an expert in project management. This project has exceeded all our expectations. Leader is now more efficient than ever before.
— Luis Claudio - Senior Executive, Leader