Leadership, humility and pizza: the key components for successful digital transformation

BDO Greenlight were honoured to have taken part in Jersey’s first Digital Transformation conference hosted by C5 Alliance on 24 September 2019. With a vast array of international experts and speakers, the event explored innovation and digital transformation in the modern workspace and what that may look like for business small or large in Jersey. 

 Allam Zia, Director of BDO Greenlight, led a panel discussion with Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital & Innovation at RBSI, Jennifer Carnegie, COO of Amicus and President of Jersey Chamber of Commerce and Richard Potter, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Enterprise Services, looking at how we can make digital change happen.

In reviewing the qualities needed to digitally transform your business, Jennifer Carnegie compared it to being ready for war. A great leader will empower and unite people, allowing them to challenge each other to bring about the resilience required in an organisation ready for fast-paced change. They will look at the greater good the business can build, which goes much further than profit or income. In rating the attributes required for business success, the panel agreed that where skills can often be brought in or acquired, a company needs to have that ambition to change and adapt, and a creativity that forms part of its overarching corporate culture. 

Richard Potter spoke of the dangers of complacency and why humility is a key characteristic in a digital leader.  Never become so arrogant in your success that you stop looking forward and moving with the times. This was the trap that befell Blockbuster, Kodak and Nokia and demonstrates the need for disruptive innovation at a time when your firm may be at its financial peak. The smartest businesses operate and lead with a balance of confidence and humility, always preparing themselves for what tomorrow and the unknown may bring. 

Domino’s pizza recently overtook Pizza Hut as the world’s biggest pizza company and digital transformation was a massive part of that, implementing cutting edge technology such as robot and autonomous vehicle delivery and AnyWare ordering through a range of smart devices and apps. 

It has established itself as a leader of digital change, ready to introduce new innovations and take chances with the brand. It is a fantastic example of what a business can achieve with the right attitude, drive and foresight. Allam concluded the panel by stating: “Domino’s pizza has digitally transformed their company so well that its success actually has very little to do with their pizza. They are effectively now an e-commerce company that has just happens to sell pizza!”