Why an office move is an opportunity for change

There's something really exciting about an office move; a change of scene, a new location and a determination to further improve business performance. On paper the move may look simple. However, it can turn out to be complex, stressful, time consuming and if executed badly, an expensive undertaking.

Relocation or refurbishment projects provide a rare moment when businesses can focus on business improvement and cultural transformation. We support our clients in shaping their thinking about the future of their organisational culture and help them work out how space and technology can be orientated to enable the desired transformation.

It’s also important to consider the personal effect an office relocation can have on your staff. How a company manages the change process for staff during an office relocation is critical, particularly if they have been in their existing workplace for a long time or the move is the result of a merger or acquisition.

Ongoing communication and positive messaging is crucial in any project. Your employees need to be at the center of your communications plan. Make sure you address their challenges and concerns as they need to understand and share your vision. Motivate people by keeping them informed, engaged and supported throughout the process.

Any move is always a good time to review your internal processes and your support contracts. You may want to use this opportunity to introduce new ways of working and these should be supported by collaborative planning and sensitive implementation. There can be significant costs savings on supplier alignment across your portfolio.


The Greenlight team can help your business:


·      realise value from existing assets

·      choose the right location and building

·      navigate through the legal and financial requirements

·      manage office relocation programmes

·      select the right design and space planning team

·      manage supplier selection and procurement

·      review document management solutions

·      provide support for IT systems, network and telecoms

·      ensure the correct Health & Safety procedures are in place

·      manage process change and behavioural transition

Wherever you are in the process, the Greenlight team are ready to help. If you would like to get in touch regarding a physical office move or associated processes please contact us at Info@GreenlightCI.com