Evidencing Value: The Greenlight Engagement Catalogue

At Greenlight we talk a lot about “delivering value” and “realising benefits”, and for good reason - they are, quite simply, what we do for our clients. If we didn’t, we would struggle to find new customers and we certainly wouldn’t achieve the high-level of repeat custom that we do.

But there’s a problem – “value” and “benefit” are vague, nebulous concepts. Customers need to know what it is suppliers can do for them, not in abstract terms but in concrete ones. So how does any company substantiate its claim of delivering value?



Greenlight’s clients are astute. They aren’t won over by glossy Powerpoint presentations making bold, unsubstantiated claims; they demand evidence. Their approach is “don’t tell us what benefits you claim you can deliver, show us what benefits you actually have”. Case studies are a valuable tool but they only give a glimpse into Greenlight’s vast back-catalogue and so we’ve developed the Engagement Catalogue to showcase the breadth and depth of work we have successfully delivered

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.
— Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

The Engagement Catalogue

The Engagement Catalogue contains clear, concise summaries of the work we’ve conducted and the value we’ve delivered to our clients. We like to think of it as our “evidence log”.

The initial selection of entries has been drawn from the last 3 years and demonstrates the wide variety of business challenges we can help with. Over time, we will supplement it with more historical engagements and new engagements will be added as and when they complete.

All engagements are anonymous although they will contain a link to a corresponding case study if one exists. Each engagement shows the sector in which the work was conducted, the background behind the engagement, our approach, the outcome, what skills were used and the key benefits for our client. It is searchable to ensure that if you’re looking at us for a particular piece of work, you can see if, and how many times, we’ve done it before. All entries will be ‘tagged’ with various topics so if you find an entry relevant to your business, you can click the tag at the bottom of the page and see all entries with that same tag.

It’s also important to note that everything in the engagement catalogue, and indeed every quote, testimonial and reference on our website, relates to work that has been carried out by Greenlight since it’s inception in 2008. Many of our consultants were high-achievers in other organisations before coming to Greenlight and our clients benefit from the experiences our consultants bring with them but our Engagement Catalogue only contains work delivered by consultants whilst working for Greenlight.

On our website we answer the question “Why Greenlight?” with “pedigree” – the Engagement Catalogue displays that pedigree for all to see.