Why would you work at Greenlight?


With the nature of what we do, we're used to things changing. We spend each day working with our clients, helping them deliver change within their organisations. Some changes are big and some are small, but they all deliver benefits to their business. No benefits = no project.

Change occurs at Greenlight too. Things are constantly evolving; it's in our DNA to look for improvements in how we do things. Can we make proposal generation more efficient? Can customers easily find what they need on our website? Is there waste in our internal processes? You get the idea. It's all about continuous improvement... we embed it with our clients and it's ingrained in our culture.


We're looking to expand

With the demand for our services increasing, we're looking for like-minded people to join the team'Like-minded?' I hear you say. 'What does that mean?'. Well does this sound like you?:


Remaining objective in all aspects of delivery, keeping focussed on what is best for the client

Recognising what fits best and having the flexibility to quickly take it in your stride.

Be brilliant all the time, in everything you do

Being accountable and always demonstrating the resolve to see something through to the end

Be happy in the work that you do and share that enjoyment with others

The things that we expect. Enthusiasm, passion, honesty, energy, integrity and trust.


If it does, that's a good start. These are our values. Those six attributes are fundamental to what we consider 'being Greenlight'. Independence is first and foremost for a reason, we have no partnerships and no affiliations. Anything we recommend to our clients is recommended for one simple reason; it's the best option for them.


So... why would you work at Greenlight?


Training is a right, not a benefit

If you read Phil's blog a while ago, you'll know this already but if you didn't you need to know that Greenlight places tremendous value on the professional and personal development of its staff. Here's what Phil, our COO, had to say:

"Staff need training, staff want training and we have a responsibility to ensure they have the opportunity to grow and improve their skill base throughout their career. At Greenlight we don’t believe in “glass ceilings” and have mapped out the career path from graduate to CEO for all to see and understand. We then deliver on that level of openness and transparency by ensuring all staff are given the training to help them through their journey to the top of the company. Therefore we see training as a right for all Greenlight employees, not a benefit to be gifted or taken away."

The management team at Greenlight have made a solid commitment to the staff by setting aside a double-digit percentage of net profit purely for staff training. Everyone here has the same, annual training budget allocated to them. Each person manages their own budget and, as long as it's relevant to their profession, they can take whatever training they like. 

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to
— Richard Branson

One Team

The most common question I get asked by candidates during recruitment interviews is 'What is your favourite thing about working at Greenlight?'. My answer is the same as when I was asked 'Why do you want to work for Greenlight?' after completing my work experience. Everybody at Greenlight works for each other, we very much see ourselves as a team. We have each others' backs and want one another to succeed.

It can be difficult because a lot of the team are on client site full-time, but we always make sure that we meet as a whole group regularly for both work and social events. Even with people being out of the office, we're all constantly in touch with each other. We have carefully selected two different collaboration platforms and their use is dependent on the topic. Sales and client data in one, internal project delivery in the other. 


Have a say

Whilst we have a management team, a board, and people have line managers. The hierarchy is informal. Everyone is given the opportunity to have their say on a topic. The mindset at Greenlight is that it is everyone's business and that's probably because it actually is... 20% of the business is held on behalf of the staff. 


Experience & variety

I've been working at Greenlight since November 2012 and I can safely say that I've not had two days the same. The sheer variety of things that I've been exposed to has been amazing. I appreciate these new experiences may be amplified by this being my first job out of university but if you ask the guys that have been here since the beginning, they'll tell you the same thing. 

Working at Greenlight gives you access to an array of industries, organisations, people, projects, places and just about anything else you can think of. As an example, we've done work in Jersey & Guernsey (obviously!), the UK, Brazil, New York, Boston and others. 


Get in touch

There's a lot more that I could talk about when it comes to working at Greenlight but I need to leave something for you to ask during interviews! You've got a few options:

  • Contact us or comment below with any questions you might have
  • Head to the recruitment page or click the image below & apply - we're hiring in both Jersey & Guernsey
  • Find out more by browsing the website and getting more of a feel for what we're about

Whatever you decide, we hope you've found this interesting. If you've decided you're going to apply, we look forward to meeting you!