Qualifications are pointless

Greenlight’s success is driven by our people and we pride ourselves on the diverse range of our team’s qualifications. But what really sets them apart is their ability to selectively apply the relevant tools and techniques to deliver the most value to our clients.

Greenlight has invested in developing a robust support framework for training, which led to us receiving a Skills Jersey Award in January. At the heart of our approach is the belief that individuals should be responsible for their own training requirements. This ‘manage it yourself’ philosophy was the inspiration behind the individual ‘training accounts’ that we introduced at the beginning of 2015. These accounts give each member of staff responsibility for managing their own training; line managers can give advice and guidance, but ultimately it is up to staff to choose their own areas of development, select appropriate courses and manage the budget accordingly.

Greenlight's 2015 Skills Development Awards Certificate

Greenlight's 2015 Skills Development Awards Certificate

Course selection can be a gamble. There are multiple factors that influence the experience, such as, duration, environment, number of students, quality of course materials, ability of trainer and many more. Rather than take feedback as an informal summary, we used our internal collaboration platform to create ‘Training Advisor’ – our spin on ‘Trip Advisor’. It’s our centralised knowledge base, providing structured and useful data to help staff make informed decisions about training courses and providers. As an example Charly, our graduate consultant has used Training Advisor to inform her personal development decisions and she has chosen to take a course in Business Analysis that two of our other consultants have recommended.

As a result of our approach to training and development, the team has recently experienced significant success in gaining additional major qualifications, widening our already broad spectrum of knowledge and skills. 

This clearly demonstrates the positive impact of giving people control over their own development.

But this blog is titled ‘Qualifications are pointless’ so why does Greenlight invest in them? To be fair the title is intentionally controversial. Qualifications in isolation, in other words learning for learning’s sake is, from a business point-of-view, pointless. 

Training gives you skill, and the application of those skills gives you experience, which is where the real value is. It is crucial that learning does not stop when the course ends – qualifications are just the first step in personal development. Training should be put to use straight away, in order to apply the learning while it is still fresh. 

But qualifications are commonplace. Where Greenlight consultants differ is that they don’t just pick a methodology and blindly follow the textbook. Each client and each project is different, so they pick and choose tools, often mixing techniques from different frameworks to give the best approach for the current scenario.

As such our consultants will be putting their new qualifications to use straight away by delivering ‘real business solutions’ for our clients.