Greenlight exports its local success to the True North

For more than 7 years Greenlight has been the leading independent business change specialist in the Channel Islands, delivering real business solutions to over a hundred clients and are now looking to export that success to the UK with the creation of a new wholly owned subsidiary, True North.

Working to the same values as Greenlight and delivering the same services, True North is an independent business change specialist that seeks to mirror the success of Greenlight through delivery of programme management, project management and business analysis services which focus entirely on the delivery of significant business benefit.

Based at Chancery Place in the heart of Manchester, True North will be servicing clients in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle. It also offers a good platform for exporting Greenlight’s offshore expertise to the Isle of Man. Similar to Greenlight’s passion to see the Channel Islands succeed, True North is committed to playing its part in the creation of a Northern Powerhouse and helping the North of England come out from the shadow of the South.

Jonathan Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Greenlight is taking responsibility for setting up the new venture.  Jonathan says “Greenlight has enjoyed unparalleled success as the number one Change Management specialist in the Channel Islands over the last 7 years. Our unique customer-centric approach sets us head and shoulders above the rest with an enviable track record of consistent high quality service delivery. It is this same relentless passion to exceed customer expectations that underpins our move into the North of England”.

Jonathan Atkinson | True North | Greenlight | Jersey, Guernsey, Channel Islands

True North have already recruited their first full time member of staff as well as two Associates. “The response to our recruitment drive has been phenomenal” says Atkinson. “Over 70 applicants have come forward so far.  The early interest and excitement in our new venture has been incredible and the mission that lies ahead, to deliver the same high value business change to our North of England clients, will be hard work but great fun”.

Phil Ruelle, Greenlight COO comments, “We are seizing an amazing opportunity by branching out in this way.  Our research has shown that the North West of England will see unprecedented investment over the next 10 years and we are already seeing results from our move there. We are grateful that Jonathan is at the helm and have made the necessary changes within Greenlight to enable Jonathan to lead our latest growth story.”

Day to day running of Greenlight will fall to Phil Ruelle, COO, and moving into the position of Chief Consulting Officer is Greenlight founder Eliot Lincoln who will assume responsibility for the consultancy practice, using his considerable experience to guide them to continued success.  Eliot says, “I am humbled by what our team at Greenlight have achieved over the past seven years.  To be part of this chapter of Greenlight’s story is great and I look forward to working closely with Phil and Jonathan as we push both businesses beyond anything we have seen before.”

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