Q&A With Our Graduate Consultant


Born and raised in Jersey, Adam started at Greenlight as a Graduate Consultant after attaining a First Class Honours degree in Business & Management. Adam’s idea of relaxing is to race his motorbike (legally!) and he currently holds the 125cc record for the Bouley Bay hill climb.

The big questions:

You chose to study for a degree in Jersey rather than at a UK university. What drove that decision?
There were a number of reasons. Being able to complete work experience whilst gaining my degree was the deciding factor, as many of the UK courses I had looked for did not offer this. The financial benefits also influenced me, as it is simply much cheaper to complete a degree in Jersey rather than in the UK.

What would you say were the best things about studying ‘at home’ and what do you feel were the downsides?
The best things were remaining with my family and friends, and I think that there were less distractions by staying at home. The class sizes are also a lot smaller, so you get much more contact time with your lecturers. It also meant I could continue to race my bike in Jersey, Guernsey and France.
The main downside is not getting the complete ‘university experience’, especially as you cannot match the social side of UK universities, living amongst your peers and hanging out at the students’ union.

Would you recommend studying in Jersey to others?
Yes. The quality of the teachers at Highlands was fantastic, and the smaller class sizes is a bonus. The work experience combined with the study helped me to develop as a person. Ultimately you need to weigh up your reasons for going to university and decide what is best for you.

Why did you choose Business & Management to study at university?
I have been interested in business for a long time, so it was the ideal choice for me. I wanted to get a top-down understanding of how businesses operate, from strategy definition, through business plan creation and into implementation. In particular I was interested in the people magement side, an area I believe often gets neglected because the focus tends to be on the operation and financials. I also felt that the business and management degree offered a more diverse curriculum than say, financial services, and was tailorable to a wider range of industries.

You were awarded first class honours and an outstanding commitment award. How did it feel to collect that award and how did you feel the morning after?
I was extremely pleased to gain first-class honours, as this was my aim from the very beginning. I was proud to receive the commitment award, as it acknowledged the substantial effort I put in. I had a sore head the morning after!

Having been born, raised and educated in Jersey, did you ever considering starting your career somewhere else?
Not really. I did look at job vacancies in the UK, but for the time being thought it was best to start off in Jersey. Although, as I develop throughout my career I want to experience working in other countries.

How did you arrive at Greenlight’s door?
Towards the end of my degree I began to think hard around what I wanted in a career. I am interested in change management, so thought consulting was a natural choice. One of my tutors has experience in this area, and helped by sending my CV to his contacts. I met informally with Mary, and the rest is history!

What were your first impressions?
We do not have a stereotypical CEO! At first I was mainly experiencing the office environment, and I saw a close-knit team that worked in an informal but professional atmosphere. Moving onto the client site, I got the impression that our consultants have a desire to fully support customer needs and go beyond what was required of them.

When did you know that Greenlight were the company for you?
When I saw that there was a clear passion for developing graduates, following a structured path with numerous development opportunities. It is important for me to develop quickly, but in a structured and meaningful way.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
I think just taking everything in! As with starting at any organisation, you have to learn their systems, policies and ways of working. Then, you go to a client site and may have to do the same again! (also when you go in to client site, learning what’s going on). But now I have developed a process for sorting this out, such as knowing which key documents to look at.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months?
Continuing to develop in my role and helping other businesses. I have been in a variety of different organisations already this year and I am looking forward to doing more.


Quickfire Round:

X-factor or Strictly Come Dancing? 
X-factor, but only for the audition stages. The voting drags on for far too long.

Beer or wine?
Beer - Belgian

Car or bike?
Bike, no question

Beach holiday or city break?
City break. I’d like to go to Rome for my next one.

Football or rugby?

Carnivore or vegetarian?
Carnivore. I love chicken, cooked any way. Or should that be every way?

Tea or coffee?
Tea – milk, no sugar if you’re asking!