Managing a Global Rebrand

Intellectual Property


We were asked to project manage the global implementation of our client’s new brand. This was an inflight project that the marketing department were trying to run by themselves but there was no real governance in place or project structure. So we were asked to help support that by putting some formal structure and governance around the project. There was also a strict deadline that the project needed to be completed by.

We built a central project plan so that we could map dependencies between all the project workstreams to keep all stakeholders engaged and give them a view of where we were. We developed an ongoing steering committee pack which we used to communicate progress to the project sponsor and all senior stakeholders. This meant that they could see what the key issues or risks were as we moved through. We provided plans and activity lists with clear owners and deadlines. We built the highlight reporting steering committee pack to enable that visibility.

We were able to help the company deliver their global rebrand successfully and by the desired date. The all-staff launch given by the CEO included special thanks to BDO Greenlight for their support during the project.

Key Skills Used:

Programme Management

Project Audit



Key Business Benefits:

The client were able to connect themselves with a key new value proposition - IP Platform Technology.

The rebrand refreshed an otherwise stale corporate identity.

The new brand better reflected new goals, products and company values.

Staff felt more motivated and inspired.