Wealth Mangement System Selection


Our client, a leading fiduciary services provider, invited us to provide independent best practice project management and analysis to assess, analyse and validate the selection of a replacement critical line of business wealth management system.

The new platform was going to impact about 120 staff in different ways and was to be the new central line of the business wealth management system. Our first step was to analyse and define business requirements so that we could help our client chose the best-fit system in line with clearly defined business requirements. We set up and managed a formal RFP process and helped run a number of workshops and vendor demonstrations, bringing to the table our expertise and knowledge of wealth management systems.


We helped our client choose the right new wealth management system for their business. We also helped in establishing training needs and in articulating a draft plan and approach for implementation. BDO Greenlight has specific industry knowledge and expertise system knowledge and we follow a proven process meaning at each stage, the business goals, requirements and suitable vendors were continuously monitored and validated.

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

System Implementation

Workshop Facilitations

Strategic Review

Key Business Benefits:

An RFP process helped negotiate a lower cost for implementation.

The ablilty to fully justify system selection and gain comfort from following a formal process.

There was quicker board approval and clear understanding of what the system was unable to do and the gaps which would need to be filled.