Health & Safety Review


Our task was to provide a gap analysis between the current position and the requirements under Jersey’s Health and Safety at Work legislation. We were engaged to provide clear, practical recommendations for improvements and revision of the policy and procedures and to make appropriate recommendations for changing and updating risk assessments. We were also asked to make recommendations for training needs and how this could be implemented.

The project was delivered by one of our senior consultants whose background was in facilities and premises with support from a team member who had an operational and premises management experience. The supporting team member also had policy and procedure drafting experience.  They worked together with senior staff to identify gaps and concentrate on the delivery of solutions.

We helped our client bridge the gaps between their position at the time and the legal requirements and advised them about best practice. We delivered a health and safety training solution and challenged third party suppliers so that the client started to get better value for money for services. Our team identified some hazards and put new policies in place to safeguard staff and completed a robust health and safety policy which was passed to the business.

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Quality Assurance


Process mapping

Supplier Negotiation

Key Business Benefits:

A heath and safety manual was introduced to the business and its contents rolled out to staff. The business was able to clearly demonstrate adherence with the relevant laws.