Improving Operational Processes


Private Equity

Operational budgets had been dramatically reduced, and with obvious savings having already been made elsewhere in the organisation, focus shifted to the operational processes.

Workshops were held with the senior stakeholders to determine the pain points and agree a prioritised plan. Each process was then examined end to end using DMAIC tools and techniques to eliminate waste and reduce error.

Private equity operational processes such as new starters, new deals, budgeting and leavers were redesigned and reimplemented. Internal Change staff were mentored in operational excellence, communications and project delivery techniques.

Key Business Benefits:

Operational costs were reduced significantly by focussing on reducing wasteful activities

 Constructive review of the operational processes methods that had been in place for a number of years




Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Lean Six Sigma

Process Mapping

System Implementation

Workshop Facilitation

Quality Assurance