Monitoring Portfolio Performance


Private Equity

With a portfolio of 90 companies that were required to submit management accounts each month, the organisation was struggling to produce useful data used to track performance against deal qualification metrics.

The current process was mapped end to end uncovering a number of wasteful activities. Workshops with stakeholders enabled a prioritised set of requirements to be used to select a suitable technical solution. Suppliers  and lawyers from Argentina and the US were managed through a 3 party contract. The solution was developed and delivered in releases.

3 days per week effort was saved following the on-time on budget implementation of a unique combination of a leading investment fund application and an online performance monitoring tool. 

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Lean Six Sigma

Process Mapping

System Implementation

Workshop Facilitation

Benefits Realisation


Key Business Benefits:

Monthly management information is now collected in a standardised chart of accounts method across 90 portfolio companies

Using a simple upload tool, data is approved and portfolio performance can be measured against specific metrics for each company

Reporting is carried out within 3 days for all portfolio companies.