Coaching for Continuous Improvement



An internal change team had been formed, bringing together individuals from across the operation to deliver improvements in the customer service areas. The team, whilst subject matter experts, were newly skilled in delivering changes using Lean 6 Sigma techniques. Greenlight consultants were engaged to ensure that the team members were successfully applying what they had learned.

Individuals were taken through a set of methodical goal based end stage assessments, where they would seek approval to move to the next phase of the DMAIC delivery.
Reinforced understanding of the tools and techniques they had learned whilst justifying their decisions on which tools to use.
Continuous coaching using the GROW coaching method. Practical support for operational change team

Workshops to support the operational team with the recent changes.
Senior Management coaching and 1-2-1 individual support for the tools and techniques used. 
Knowledge transfer including reusable templates and documentation. 
Reinforced undertstanding of the tools and techniques in the DMAIC framework. 

Key Business Benefits:

Embedding the changes - both operational and cultural change.

Monitoring execution of the agreed action plan for business leads. 


Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Lean Six Sigma

Workshop Facilitation