Surfacing Project Progress


Intellectual Property

The client could not see project progress at a glance. Greenlight carried out a piece of work to implement changes to Sharepoint for the Operational Excellence team to reflect the DMAIC phases they use to run their projects. 

DMAIC framework applied to deliver project:
Define - understand problem/goal statement & basic requirements
Measure - determine how Sharepoint is used by the team
Analyse - assess feasibility of proposed changes
Improve - implement & test changes in Sharepoint
Control - develop high-level process/user guide and handover to team

Changes to Sharepoint, including:
- Amendment of Activity Tracker list view
- Creation of Managing Initiatives area (project document repository)
- Creation of Project Templates area to store DMAIC templates
Highlight reporting template
High-level user guide/process for managing projects in Sharepoint
Demo of changes led by business owner.

Key Business Benefits:

Alignment with DMAIC framework ensuring consistency in managing projects

Ability to track project status & benefits through weekly project highlight reports

Enabled collaboration through centralising project documentation and templates

Consistency in the management of projects through documented processes for using Sharepoint & highlight reporting

Key Skills Used:

Business Analysis

Lean Six Sigma

System Implementation