Preparing for FATCA



Introduction of FATCA regulations meant our client required significant changes to their policies, processes and procedures. Business Analysis and Project Management was needed to identify, capture and implement the people, process, policy and procedural changes required while tracking and recording FATCA requirements and maintaining audit control for the project against the Group Programme.

Following a gap analysis a business requirements document was produced covering people, process and system requirements. This was a 6 month piece of work to understand FATCA final regulations, IGA model 1 and IGA model 2. The subsequent implementation of the requirements took 18 months.

Compliance with FATCA regulations in various jurisdictions; Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Ireland, Cyprus and Guernsey.
System design was future proofed to cater for changes to FATCA and introduction of new FATCA type regimes, such as CRS.

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Process Mapping



Key Business Benefits:

Compliance with FATCA regulation across number of jurisdictions.

New CRM system designed, tested and implemented that was not only fit for purpose (classification and reporting of FATCA clients) but it was also future proof with respect to future FATCA type regimes.