Defining a Target Operating Model


Intellectual Property

Greenlight were engaged to define a new Target Operating Model (TOM) for the client's largest business, following an earlier unsuccessful attempt by other external contractors

Creation of a clear framework and plan for defining a TOM
Enagaged with senior stakeholders to define a current state operating model
Defined 'as is' (current) and 'to be' (future state) business processes
Carried out a heat mapping exercise for the current technlogy stack
Created target state 'views' of the business across people, process & technology
Facilitated workshops for senior stakeholders to agree the target state

Target Operating Model defined
Current state processes re-engineered to future state definition & documented        Agreement of the future TOM agreed between senior stakeholders
Terms of reference baselines to support the change programme that will deliver the TOM

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Process Mapping

Workshop Facilitation

Strategy Review

Key Business Benefits:

Target Operating Model (TOM) defintion gave senior management the confidence to agree and align an operating model with the company strategy.

Enabled the £25 million pound change programme to have a solid base of reference to deliver the TOM and for this vision for future state to be shared, collectively.