Implementing a POS system



Our client was in the process of changing their operating model from seasonal to all year round. In order to facilitate this change, they were constructing a new, indoor facility and required a scaleable point of sale system (POS) to support the new business model. Their wish was to implement a cloud based retail platform that would reduce the number of manual operations and allowed for core business processes, including Membership management and Point of Sale, to be automated.

Requirements were captured and documented
Suppliers were managed to enable the installation of fibre broadband at the site
Relationship management with third party suppliers
Produced an operational/systems architecture diagram
Alignment of people, processes and system requirements
Investigated viability of cloud based apps
Set up & tested the system

Greenlight delivered a full retail business solution consisting of: POS for 5 registers in store, restaurant ordering, membership and CRM, staff management, accounting integration with Xero, Direct Debit payments and credit / debit card payments.

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Process Mapping

System Implementation

Key Benefits Delivered:

Automated workforce management & scheduling

Automated stock control 

Direct debit payment management in place

CRM & membership management implemented