Conducting Technical Due Diligence



Our client wanted to invest in a small technology start-up to re-purpose their existing solution for the fashion industry. However before making an investment our client needed confirmation that the start-up's technology platform, operational processes and internal delivery capability could meet their requirements.

Based on the requirements a mindmap was created containing more than 250 elements, each representing an aspect of the business, systems, processes and staff that needed to be understood.
The mindmap was used to direct a day of on-site meetings and product demonstrations with key staff including the Head of Product.
Documentation and product information was provided upon request and follow-up questions were handled via telephone or email.

Delivery of a report confirming whether or not the start-up can deliver on its side of the proposed partnership and detailing identified risks and issues.

Key Skills Used:

Technical Due Diligence

Risk Assessment

Technology Evaluation

Process Analysis

Key Business Benefits:

Independent, impartial assessment prior to making a key investment decision

Understanding of risks involved in partnering