Implementing a CRM system


Financial Services

Our client had a requirement to implement a CRM system as a replacement for the spreadsheets they were using to manage account information. Salesforce had been chosen as a centralised database for all account information and activity.

System requirements and selection.
Migration of the previous spreadsheets into the CRM database.
Development of process to support implemented CRM system. 
Delivery of training to key users (train the trainer). 

A much more effective way of storing and using client information. A delivered piece of software capable of managing exisiting and future information, in which the staff were trained to use. 

Key Skills Used:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Process Mapping

System Implementation


Key Business Benefits:

Improved efficiency of client relations & removal of manual spreadsheets

The CRM system created usable & accurate data for client communications, reducing the number of comms errors

Case study for this work


Jersey Finance Limited