Designing a Design Authority


The client needed a recommendation for the definition, creation, operation and governance of a Design Authority. This DA had to work within within the specific constraints of the organisation and provide effective assurance to a multi-million pound change programe.

A 3 phase approach was taken - research, analyse & recommend.
The research phase involved interviewing multiple key stakeholders, identifying and interviewing industry experts and reviewing existing architecture frameworks.
The analysis phase concentrated on collating and reviewing the material collected in the initial phase and producing a list of options.
The final phase was to define the selection critieria and then make a recommendation.

Delivery of a report detailing:
Client-specific challenges
Proposed guiding principles
Examples of Design Authorities from industry
Identification of key dimensions including Role, Scope, Remit, Membership, Interation with other governance bodies, Engagement
Recommendations for each key dimension
Roadmap for implementation and corresponding maturity

Key Skills Used:

Business Analysis

Stakeholder Management


Key Business Benefits:

Clear understanding of the specific challenges that will have to be met in order to create a successful design authority.

Definition of key principles and provision of recommendations to aid in the rapid construction and effective initiation of a design authority