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Laura Voinescu

 Graduate Consultant

07829 998 702


Laura has gained varied experience over the past few years stemming from working with a wide range of organisations, from large corporations to start-ups. She has experience in professional services, real estate, wholesale and charities. Her main technical skills are in Marketing and HR. Laura is also fluent in multiple languages.

Laura’s outstanding characteristic is her positive attitude, enthusiasm and infectious “can-do mindset” which acts as a powerful motivator. This is doubled by a relentless client focus, dedication and outstanding work ethic.

Laura purposefully uses her lateral thinking to enhance value in any industry. She brings a fresh perspective to tackling difficult challenges and is keen on innovative ways of problem solving.



I am genuinely passionate about the theatre (I love The Dinner Game), opera (for example, Giuseppe Verdi’s Othello) and ballet (which I trained in as a teen. My favourite is Swan Lake). In my spare time, I am keen on photography.

I love long walks through the countryside, just to enjoy both the landscape and the moment. My favourite walks are island walks (since they are usually stunning and compact) and so far I have visited many Mediterranean islands.

Favourite Place in the world

   Palma - Mallorca

 Palma - Mallorca


I visited Palma de Mallorca for two weeks and I was surprised by the stunning views, rich cultural heritage and the fact that it’s a vibrant yet intimate location. Just a simple walk on Passeig Dalt Murada allows you to experience the medieval architecture seamlessly complementing amazing cultural events and exquisite Spanish cuisine. Of course, no visit is complete without Mallorca’s most famous souvenirs, the Majorca pearls.



About Laura

Favourite film actor?

Vin Diesel, is my favourite actor because he is good at both action and comedy roles. Most of his movies involve fast cars, which I also love so that is always a plus.

 Favourite Quote?

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. 
- Colin Powell

Favourite ice cream?

Pistachio and chocolate, the best one I've had so far was in St Malo



MSc in Management (Human Resources Management)

BSc in Economic Sciences (Management)


Where in the world you most like to visit that you haven't already?

I would love to visit New Zealand, since it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular place on earth, with incredibly diverse and unspoiled scenery, unique wildlife and a rich local culture. Once I am there I imagine that I will be able to relax on the exquisite Wharariki beach while enjoying a glass of the famous local wine. I also suspect that I would will get involved in the many sporting and adventure options that are so easily available.

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