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Ken Jones

Principal Consultant


Ken is a commercially aware and results oriented professional with a proven track record of delivering tangible, sustainable and value added benefits for businesses. He possesses strong programme, transformational, change and operational expertise and comes from a background of fast paced, challenging environments. Ken has the ability to analyse situations quickly in order to offer pragmatic solutions and has key skills in engaging key stakeholders to gain their buy in.

Ken's core leadership and management style is collaborative, open and pragmatic. He possesses strong leadership skills and is capable of motivating multi discipline teams effectively. Ken has designed and implemented a number of notable strategic initiatives and business critical transformational projects. With a keen strategic mind and Ken is a specialist in the creation of value through innovative solutions, together with the design and implementation of effective change management.

Ken is a culturally aware, creative and innovative individual with a true passion to deliver sustainable value.



Diploma in Management

Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management

Favourite Place in the world

Golden Temple, Amritsar - India

Golden Temple, Amritsar - India

I did a motorbike trek across Northern India for Charity, it's such an amazing country so full of contradictions and energy.


About Ken

What are your hobbies?
Rugby league, walking, reading & travelling

If you could invite any three people to dinner, past or present, who would they be?
Doris Day as I've always loved her – especially in Calamity Jane when she sang Secret Love.
General Robert E Lee – Fascinating period of history with brother fighting brother and I would love to explore with him how he managed to defeat his enemy on so many occasions with fewer resources.
Duke of Wellington – another brilliant tactician it would be brilliant to listen to these two great men discuss how they conducted their operations, arguing over tactics and strategies.

What is your dream occupation & why?
What I am doing now, not a cliché but I really do enjoy the variety and adding value to customers.

Favourite ice cream flavour?
Boring Vanilla.

Where in the world you most like to visit that you haven't already?
Too many to say but probably Nepal to visit some old Ghurkha friends who I served with in Hong Kong.

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